Are you struggling with



Career problems?

Feelings of dissatisfaction or unhappiness in your life?

Longing to be in a relationship?

Sexual issues?


Problems in your current relationship or marriage?

If you are struggling with any of these issues, an on-going dialogue with a trained counselor can be an important first step in clarifying what is bothering you and forging a path toward toward discovery, change, and fulfillment.

I have experience with both individuals and couples. 

When working with individuals, I use an eclectic mix of techniques to find what will best suit your process of discovery. In my work with couples, I use Emotionally Focused Therapy to help couples explore and understand what might have broken down between them and to find a path toward a mutually-satisfying new place.  In choosing to explore your life with a skilled practitioner, the process of facing any problem becomes easier. Choosing the right practitioner is the first step. I always suggest an initial meeting to see if we will be the right fit for each other.

I offer:

Individual Counseling

I come from an attachment perspective. Attachment theory, in short, explains how our early relationships with a caregiver form a template for later intimate interactions. It is just a starting place and I do not impose any specific road map in our work together, but rather find a way to navigate rough terrain with you to find more peace internally and more solutions to life's problems externally.

Couples Counseling

I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy. A technique for working with couples created by Sue Johnson in 1998, EFT teaches individuals how to be more present emotionally both for themselves and their partners in order to build a more satisfying connection to one another.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy can be a wonderful tool to help couples cope with and heal sexual issues in their relationship. It is more behavioral than psychotherapy and may include a more cognitive behavioral techniques as well as home work.

I most enjoy helping individuals create the life that they want both personally and professionally. I look forward to hearing from you.