About Me


I have a Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia University, where I specialized in Mental Health and Sexuality. I have worked in many diverse settings and I will bring that expertise to my work with you. My experience includes: work at Beth Israel Medical Center in Maternal Child Health & neo natal intensive care unit as well as work with women and families during high-risk pregnancies. 

I have been treating individuals and couples with sexual dysfunction for many years. I trained with Bat Sheva Marcus at Maze Center for Sexual Health. While there I worked as part of a team providing, sex therapy,  individual and couples counseling while working with a PA or RN to treat the individuals emotional and physical issues simultaneously.

I have extensively studied Emotionally Focused Therapy at the Akerman Institute, and I continue to be involved in EFT training. I have found it a most profound tool for change in working with couples.

For personal and professional reasons I began to work with many individuals and couples with ADHD. I have found many tools to help individuals and couples with these issues.

I have also worked with individuals struggling with addiction in an in-patient facility. While there, I created a pilot treatment program utilizing arts education to promote healing and self-esteem. The program is now being expanded for use in other communities.

Prior to receiving my MSW, I earned an MA in Painting from the New York Studio School and a BA in Philosophy from New York University. I came to social work as a second career, after a previous career in the arts.